If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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If you'd like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.

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Daniel Kendrick Texas Bluebonnets on the “Bluffs on Lake Texoma” 1969


Daniel Kendrick Texas “Bluffs On Lake Texoma” 1969 oil painting.



Daniel Kendrick Texas “Bluffs On Lake Texoma” 1969 oil painting. One of Texas’s most prolific landscape artists; Daniel shows his genius on this vintage early painting. Oil on panel. You can almost see the bluebonnet pedals and all the ripples and waves in the lake. This scene was painted from a bluff off the Boy Scout summer camp on the Texas side of Lake Texoma.

Signed lr. Daniel Kendrick 69

Measure: Sight 24” x 30” inches

Vintage framed 32” x 37” inches

Condition: Excellent!

Daniel Kendrick studied with: Leona Lettie McGill, Ray Froman, Reveau Mott Bassett, Olin Herman Travis, Bud Biggs, Jerry Bywaters, B.G. Eades, Valton Tyler, and Thomas Rodney Britain.

Academic: 1971 Diploma from Dallas Art Institute in Fine Art and Creative Painting, 1982 Bachelor of Art University of California at Santa Cruz Majoring in Wilderness Painting. (There is still a debate in higher academic circles whether or not a bachelor’s Degree in an individual major could be the under graduate equivalent to a P.H.D. The guide rule is whether it is a terminal degree based on the lack of graduate studies available in the major. Wilderness Painting is a terminal degree.

Awards: Seaside Annual Competitive Art Competition first and second place 1974. Monterey Civic Purchase Award 1978. Born Dallas Texas July 9, 1948, Daniel grew up in a Conservation Lab.

Daniel’s mother was a conservator. In1974 Daniel was known to most Texas Artists that knew his mother as “the Brat”. They would baby sit Daniel who would help around their studio cleaning Pallets and brushes and the floors or whatever a kid could do to help in exchange for art instruction. Daniel became a professional artist and sold his first painting at 13 and every thing he did there after. The Art Dealers kept his young age from the public fearing that it would impact his brisk sales. Daniel worked hard to develop an origional style and to paint for effect, which still is the Texas Regionalist method today, but in 1962, those values were overlooked by most serious academics that felt that representational art in any form should be relegated to antiquity. Daniel never wavered and continued to be a Texas regionalist in the face of extreme academic prejudice. One Junior college professor once gave him an A for technique and a D for concept, which amounted to a C. Daniel just, said, “If he could paint maybe then He could see what I’m up to”. Daniel moved in with Valton Tyler and they shared a studio in 1968. He said of Valton “ I learned more about drawing from Valton in ten minutes than the last five years of art school. Valton and Daniel are still good friends to this day. Daniel spent 9 years painting the Ventana Wilderness in central California. He owned a gallery on Cannery Row in Monterey California. After graduation from the University of California he returned to Texas in 1983. He resurrected the family Conservation business and was a devoted conservator until he retired in 2004. Daniel stopped painting in 1989 due to demands for his high quality conservation and concerns for his family. He recently started painting again late in 2007.

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