If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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If you'd like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.

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Tang Dynasty Sancai Glazed Terracotta Courtesan Ladies



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A set or four (4) glazed pottery courtesan tomb attendants from the Tang Dynasty. It is usually a treat when you find a pair of these Minqui figures but when you have four; the display is even more formidable. These requisites for the after life were placed in the tomb of distinguished persons to make their stay in the afterlife more at home. Yellow was the color only to be used by the imperial families at the time and these subdued yellow glazes are wonderful to look at and fit well in contemporary settings. These items come with a Certificate of Authenticity. They also come with tasteful wooden stands.

Tang Dynastty: (618AD – 907AD)

Height without stand: 11 Inches
Diameter: 3 Inches
With Stands: Almost 12 Inches Tall.

Condition: Very good to excellent. Wear commensurate of age and use.

AVANTIQUES is dedicated to providing an exclusive curated collection of Fine Arts, Paintings, Bronzes, Asian treasures, Art Glass and Antiques. Our inventory represents time-tested investment quality items with everlasting decorative beauty. We look forward to your business and appreciate any reasonable offers. All of our curated items are vetted and guaranteed authentic and as described. Avantiques only deals in original antiques and never reproductions. We stand behind our treasures with a full money back return policy if the items are not as described.

During the Tang Dynasty, restrictions were placed on the number of objects that could be included in tombs, an amount determined by an individual’s social rank. In spite of the limitations, a striking variety of tomb furnishings, known as mingqi, have been excavated. Entire retinues of ceramic figures – animals, entertainers, musicians, guardians – were buried with the dead in order to provide for the afterlife. Of the various types of mingqi, there is perhaps none more beautiful or charming than the sculptures of elegant female courtiers. These gorgeous sculptures represent the idealized woman of T’ang Dynasty China. This pair of ladies-in-waiting provided eternal companionship for their lord throughout the afterlife. We can imagine them gracefully dancing or singing a poetical song, two very popular customs for ladies during the T’ang Dynasty, considered a golden age of Chinese culture. Such courtiers are described in the numerous love poems written during this era, likely the greatest outpouring of poetry in Chinese history. The garments of these ladies are treated in a lovely sancai glaze. Although the word sancai (literally meaning “three-colors”) is widely known among collections, the production of sancai-glazed wares is relatively scarce, spanning only two hundred years of the entire Chinese history. Such works are among the most highly prized examples of Chinese art, treasured as much for their rarity as for their stunning beauty. This marvelous pair is no exception. Such women may represent wives, princesses, or attendants. Their beauty inspires us as we are transported back to another time. This pair of terracotta effigies of ancient courtiers has been to the next world and returned to our modern era to tell us their tale. They speak of the enormous wealth and sophisticated culture of the T’ang Dynasty, one of the greatest periods of artistic creation in human history. Although they speak of the past, these ladies in waiting continues to amaze us in the present with their unmatched beauty and sculptural refinement.

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