If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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If you'd like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.

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Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Plans and Designs Large 100 Plate Lithographs


This is an enormous booklet (25.75 X 16 Inches): Frank Lloyd wright buildings, plans and designs.


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This is an enormous booklet (25.75 X 16 Inches): Frank Lloyd wright buildings, plans and designs. 100 Large scale plate drawings and plans on quality wove paper by Frank Lloyd Wright, all loose as issued in cloth and board portfolio. Including booklet by William Wesley Peters (404/2600). Framed individual plates from this series can be found on the market for $1000 each. This is the complete works of 100 plate lithographs.

Measures: 25.75″ H x 16″ W, circa 1963.

Frank Lloyd Wright is certainly America’s most famous architect and can lay claim to being America’s most important artist of the 20th century. His career spanned over 60 years and spawned a series of masterpieces starting with his early 1900’s Prairie style houses and ending in 1959 with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. He is by all accounts a modern master.

Wright’s early work, his Prairie period and first Golden Age, is arguably his most important and includes many of his finest masterpieces including Chicago’s Robie House. His use of natural materials, open floor plans, low pitched roofs, and stained glass windows became a signature that defined his early career. These houses were innovative, modern, and a welcome break from the more classical architectural forms that dominated the suburbs of the midwest. At a young age, Wright established himself as a visionary architect and an inventor of a new American style of design.

His personal life and professional career were not without their ups and downs however. He was frequently broke, deserted his wife and children amid public scandal, married three times, and lived through the tragic murder of his lover, her two children, and several members of his staff. His personal life was so tumultuous that it almost ruined his career, and led to his temporary move to Europe where he produced the Wasmuth Portfolio in 1910. Consisting of 100 plates (72 on paper and 28 on tissue), this portfolio is a monogram of his work until 1910 and is an important architectural record as well as a beautifully executed artistic endeavor.

The Wasmuth portfolio volume folio of 100 lithographs of the work of the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959). Titled Ausgeführte Bauten und Entwürfe von Frank Lloyd Wright, it was published in Germany in 1910 by the Berlin publisher Ernst Wasmuth, with an accompanying monograph by Wright. It contained plans and perspectives (in linework only) of buildings from 1893–1909. It was the first publication of any of Wright’s work to appear anywhere in the world, as Wright had not published any of his work in his twenty previous years of activity in the United States.

The portfolio is significant as a link between Wright’s pioneering American architecture, and the first generation of modernist architects in Europe. Wright toured Europe for a year from October 1909 through October 1910, partly to support the publication of the portfolio, but also to experience first-hand a great deal of European architectural history.

Frank Lloyd Wright Wasmuth Portfolio.

This series of lithographs is from the original Wasmuth edition published in Berlin in 1910. It is a comprehensive look at Mr. Wright’s work up to that time. The lithographs show the genesis of the prairie houses that reached culmination in the Robie house, Coonley house, and the project for the Harold McCormick house.

Notice the evolution of the long horizontal lines, gentle hipped roofs, large overhangs, and continuous bands of windows that are the hallmarks of this work. This publication had a large influence on contemporary European architects such as Mies van der Rohe, Peter Reitveld, H.P. Berlage, and Walter Gropius.

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